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Subscribing to the podcast will keep you up to date with all of the new Flicker material as it gets released.The blog itself will contain all manner of things about music and user-experience design.

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The first flicker podcast

Friday, December 1st, 2006

Flicker Podcast Album Art

It’s all go on the digital distribution front at this site. First off, there’s a new EP (Minimus) containing five new Flicker tracks, and available exclusively from the iTunes Music Store.

Then, there’s a new podcast, intended to showcase new music from us. In this first edition, you can listen to lengthy excerpts from all tracks included in the above mentioned EP.

We decided that it is important that anyone interested in our material can hear significantly more than the 30 seconds currently afforded by iTunes. This is particularly important with club focussed music, where lengthy intros facilitate equally lengthy and seamless DJ mixes. Slow-build arrangements don’t necessarily reveal the true nature of the track in the opening bars, or in fact, in any given 30 second sample.

It’s always been true that the medium has dictated the format and length of mass produced music (from wax cylinders through to compact discs) but in this instance, the promotional method is creating an artificial limitation – the medium is not at fault. It is as if when writing material, you should now produce the musical equivilent of the elevator pitch to have the greatest chance of commercial success.

Were we to write and arrange our material so that the first 30 seconds gives the casual listener a more representative sample of what’s to come, we would then risk rendering the material less appropriate for the intended context – a club (which of course is creating another restriction on form, but one that we choose intentionally). Anyway, all this technology is supposed to be about creativity and freedom of expression, right?

So, subscribing to this podcast will allow those interested, to hear representative samples of all the available music, and stay up-to-date with all of our future releases. Enjoy.

Why I didn’t think of this before, I’ve no idea (thanks to Ian for the suggestion). So, here is a tracklisting, and links to all of the tracks included in the podcast:

Track 01. Minimus. Buy this track via iTunes

Track 02. Bring You Two. Buy this track via iTunes

Track 03. Dumb Key. Buy this track via iTunes

Track 04. Key Dumb. Buy this track via iTunes

Track 05. Skidmark. Buy this track via iTunes

For what it’s worth – The music in the intro is an old (unfinished) track called ‘It’s Over’, dusted off for use because it somehow seemed right in the context. Who knows, maybe one day it’ll turn into a fully blown track itself.