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Friday, July 6th, 2007

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Thursday, July 5th, 2007

I am the resurrector…

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

…or at least, after a couple of failed attempts, that would currently seem to be the case.

With great thanks to the Matt Hickey at Crunch Gear, and to my great surprise, I appear to have successfully resurrected my 60Gb iPod Photo (that a couple of weeks ago seemed destined for a recycling bin somewhere).

I have to admit to being more than a little sceptical that what appeared to be a dead hard-drive could be coaxed back into life with a little pressure on it’s case (applied via a folded business card). Apparently, with repeated use, the heat generated by the drive causes the case to warp. At a certain point, the lack of tension in the casing that this causes results in failure.

So, armed with a Stanley Knife blade, I (eventually) managed to prise open the stubbornly locked shell of my iPod. It now sports a few battle scars following the procedure – but I’d rather own a functioning, scratched device than an expensive paperweight.
Once inside (being incredibly careful not to damage the fragile ribbon cable connecting the two halves) I folded an old business card in half twice, placed it on the back of the hard drive case, and snapped it back together.

With regards to the repair, I say it was completed ‘successfully’ only tentatively, because my first attempt resulted in premature feelings of elation. The sad iPod icon gave way to a fresh-faced, newly booted iPod. But, half way through syncing, iTunes, my Mac and the iPod alll froze, with the iPod’s hard-drive making the most unhealthy of noises.

Still – spurred on by the seemingly miraculous results brought about by a piece of folded paper, I wanted to try at least once more before disposing of the device (or shelling out for a replacement hard-drive.) I figured that if a piece of folded paper could make such a difference, that too much of it would cause problems. So, once again, I struggled to get the device open, ripped away one quarter of the folded business card, and this time, appeared to achieve the desired result.

I have restored the iPod, verified the disk with ‘Disk Utility’ and filled it (to around 95% capacity) without any locks or unfortunate sounds. Certainly, I’m a lot less trusting of the device now, but if I can get a little more life out of it before it finally gives up, I’ll feel that this was quite an accomplishment.