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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Microsoft iPod Parody

Watch the video Apparently, this was produced internally at Microsoft as a tool to communicate to the Marketing and Packaging teams just how wrong they tend to get things. It's both a funny and powerful example of why less is so often more.

Also related (being about Microsoft marketing) the current Office Poster Campaign: 'It's time to evolve' strikes me as having a rather inappropriate underlying message. Given the widespread use of Office by Enterprises, isn't the suggestion that corporate life is currently hell (unless you upgrade to the latest version of office) also saying that this is the case because the previous version of office is unusable? For instance, a human being with a dinosaur head is seen turning up at reception saying 'I'm either here for a 12 o'clock on the 11th, or an 11 o'clock on the 12th.' Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, is that because you're a dinosaur, or because you use Outlook?

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