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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Getting old(er)

Celebrated (if that's the right term) my birthday yesterday. My tendency is towards depression on the aging process, but I find a comment made by Graeme Gibson on IT Conversations helps me regain a sense of perspective and pull myself out introspection and reflection: 'It's better than the alternative.'

Louise (being fabulous) ensured that I had a very lengthy and entertainment packed day:
1. Jeff Wall at Tate Modern.
2. A guided walk through Central London (found out many interesting things about the history and architecture of Central London that I'd previously been wholly ignorant of.)
3. Drinks, meals and to finish, King Kong at the amazing Electric Cinema in Notting Hill.

As my determination to blog more frequently is also matched by a desire to keep posts relatively short, I won't go into too much detail, but... the Jeff Wall show was truly amazing, and inspirational. The scale and composition of many of the works, coupled with the presentation (huge transparencies on custom built lightboxes) created an uncanny illusion of space - many of the scenes conveyed the illusion that they could be stepped right into. If Graeme hasn't already seen this, I'm going to force him to go!

Blog how you like and how it suits you. Short is great, but like in the beatport entry, a little length helps sometimes. posted by Ian Forrester : 29 December, 2005 08:43   Post a Comment

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