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Saturday, November 19, 2005


After a fantastic day of training in CSS yesterday by Molly E Holzschlag and Andy Clarke, I was talking to one of the organisers, Ryan Carson, about a new web application that his company (Carson Systems) has built. It's one of those 'it's so obvious' applications, that I really did struggle to believe that hadn't been done before. DropSend effectively lets you send files of up to 1 gigabyte to anyone using email as the communication (but not transfer) technology. The interface and simplicity of use is very impressive, and if it appears to work very, very well.

Based on personal experience, it seemed to me that the typical user would be anyone involved in the Media Production Industry, flying large, often incomplete files between collaborators. Remixers, Film Makers and Editors would, I suspect have great use for such a tool. This led me to press Ryan on a point raised by Byju Sukerman of the BBC about security. I'd imagine that the producer of the new U2 album wouldn't be happy sending a completed set of tracks to a mastering house without being certain that the transitory files couldn't be intercepted.

Despite these concerns - this seems like a great tool ( it has yet to be officially launched). I'm sure that the security aspects could be improved in future versions. The tool is great, and I suspect that as more people aquire 8+ Megapixel Cameras and DV Camcorders, that the applications for such a tool wil appeal to an increasing proportion of the public. I can see how for professional applications, that security would be paramount - but for the majority of us, this wouldn't be the main concern.

Good stuff, I use Blogdigger's Groups feature which was one of the first to allow you to combine RSS sources. It also outputs as OPML which is useful for blogrolls.

I've also checked out and posted by Ian Forrester : 21 November, 2005 11:04   Post a Comment

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