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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Key Dumb. Again!

Gaz and I have just spent the long weekend struggling to finish a track (Key Dumb) to go with Dumb Key.

On Thursday last week, Graeme came around and recorded some lyrics for us*. I spent all day Saturday cleaning them up ready for when Gaz came down in the evening. Frustratingly, we didn't get the track finished. It's definitely starting to come together, but it's not ready to go out the door just yet. It's exhausting spending 3 days solid listening to the same thing over and over, but hopefully, the end result will be worth it.

There's a label in Chicago (KG Beats) already interested in Key Dumb, and another label in New Orleans (Sugarcane) chasing some material from us. I really need to get on with this stuff! Sometimes things just come together really easily, other times we have to really work at them.

*The lyrics are actually based on some stuff that Graeme wrote back in the early 90's for our band at the time 'Scrape.'

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