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Monday, March 22, 2004

Mazi to remix Little Bit

Today must have been positive feedback day - or something like that. I actually received something approaching fanmail via our site - someone had bought Demon Tweaks and took it upon themselves to hunt down our other releases and find our site - the power of google!

(Note to self - try to improve the sites' google effectiveness! A search for " Flicker Demon Tweaks" no longer brings up On a positive note, there are a lot of listings though.)

I also heard from Mazi regarding Perfect Portion/Little Bit. He's already stated that he wants them for Gourmet - but he now wants to remix them too. In many ways, that's very flattering - meaning they inspire ideas. In others, I can't help but feel that this means they're somehow less than perfect (like perfection is somehow attainable).

Enough with the paranoia already! It's standard practice across the whole industry. Anyway - it'll be interesting to see what he (or others) do with the tracks.

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