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Paul (left) and Gareth

About Flicker

Flicker are Gareth Cole and Paul Crowley. Paul currently lives in London, Gareth in Coventry, UK. We've been producing music (House and Tech House) for some while now.

Our first vinyl release was Flipwreck on Plastic City Suburbia in September 2001. For information on this and all our subsequent vinyl releases, see the Discography page.

This Site

The more astute among you will also notice that we have an Exclusives page. This is to showcase material that is only available digitally. We're keen to experiment with this model instead of vinyl for a number of reasons:

It gives us the opportunity to release material that's harder to pigeonhole - signing material to house labels inevitably means 2 or 3 tracks of house!

It means that we can release tracks more quickly - as soon as they're done, and whilst they are still fresh to us.

Whenever material is signed to a regular label, it takes around 12 months before it finally hits the shelves.

And finally, this model means that all our releases can continue to be available after release. A run of 1 to 2000 12"s once gone, is gone!

Our Influences

Given that this site is almost exclusively about our music, you may also be interested in our listening habits and influences. Courtesy of the excellent Last FM, the right hand column shows you what we've been listening to recently. The 'more' links let you see much more information should you so desire.

For more peripheral stuff, you can also read Paul's Blog. This rarely has much to say about music - this site, it's music and the Last FM profile page pretty much say all that needs to be said on that front.

Stay Informed

If you sign up to the mailing list (in the banner at the top of the page) we will notify you of any Flicker related releases, remixes, events etc. We absolutely promise not to spam you, and emails will only be sent out if there is anything significant to tell you.